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You can call me Derek. 18. Transguy. Freshman in college. I basically post quotes I like, gay things, cats, pretty boys, a lot of bands, mayday parade, photography, and things I find funny or just like in general. There will be a lot of trannyboy strugs being posted, especially pictures of shirtless boys because why can't I look like them. My preferences in life are concerts and cuddling.
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is she using a vhs to try to clean that up

I’m almost 100% sure that’s the box for Sonic 2 
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it just got so much better


when people make hd gifs while the show is airingĀ 


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my new favorite movie 

Omfg me and Madi watched this and it was literally the stupidest shit ever
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"I can’t honestly say what makes me sexy. I don’t feel very sexy. That whole part of it is weird; seeing yourself, a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, on the cover of Teen Beat… It doesn’t make any sense. I am who I am. There’s no façade… and being voted sexiest doesn’t concern me. Maybe that’s the sexy part. Stab wounds are sexy to me, though."
—Gerard Way
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Why does every gay person have to make something that offends straight people?
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